Llamenos al 800-magicJack (800-624-4252)
Llamenos al 800-magicJack (800-624-4252)

Get The Smarter

Stop overpaying the phone company. Switch your home number to magicJack and get unlimited local & long distance calling to the U.S. and Canada. magicJack is a digital phone service that enables you to connect your home phone through your Internet. Eliminate the monthly phone bill and take advantage of VoIP and all that magicJack has to offer.

Simple Setup

magicJackHOME is easy to setup. With just two simple steps, you'll be making calls in mintues.

Step 1

Connect your magicJackHOME to your existing highspeed internet connection.

Step 2

Connect your magicJackHOME to your existing home phone and start calling.

Crystal Clear Quality

Stop dropping mobile phone calls. Experience amazing local & long distance voice quality.

No Monthly Bills

Get the magicJackHOME with a year of service included. No monthly bills ever!

Calls Without Compromise

  • No Monthly Bills
  • Free Caller ID
  • Free Voicemail
  • Free Call Forwarding
  • Free Call Waiting
  • Free 411
  • Crystal Clear Voice Quality
  • Keep Your Current Number

Portable Home & Business Digital Phone Service


12 Months of magicJack Service


Unlimited International Calling to any magicJack Number Worldwide


Local & Long Distance Calling to the U.S. & Canada


Conference Call Number