PRUEBA GRATIS: 1-800-MAGICJACK (1-800-624-4252)
PRUEBA GRATIS: 1-800-MAGICJACK (1-800-624-4252)

Compare and Save

magicJack offers Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calling to the U.S. and Canada. magicJack includes a FREE conference call number and a FREE mobile app companion, so your home/business number rings on-the-go!

magicJack Vonage Basic Talk
by Vonage
Company Avg
1 year of service $35
with Auto-Renew
$300 $120 $444
5 years of service $99.75 $1500 $600 $2220
No Monthly Bills
Mobile App Companion
Home Service
Business Service
Free Conference Call Number
Frost & Sullivan Consumer Choice Award for Quality, Price, Value & Ease of Use

Do The Math

Basic Talk by Vonage
magicJack costs just $35/year for high quality service for home, business, and on-the-go.
Vonage costs $24.99/mo. That's $300/year! Isn't that close to what your local phone company charges?
Basic Talk is a home service also offered by Vonage. Basic Talk costs $9.99/mo. That's $120/year!

Vonage offers two services that compete with each other at two different prices: $300/year for Vonage and $120/year for Vonage's Basic Talk.

magicJack has always been straightforward, offering one brand for high quality phone service you can now get for home, business and on-the-go at one low price.

If you're confused by Vonage and Vonage's Basic Talk services and pricing, give magicJackGO a try for FREE for your home or business!

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