Free Trial: 1-800-magicJack (1-800-624-4252)
Free Trial: 1-800-magicJack (1-800-624-4252)

International Calling At home or on-the-go.
No subscription required.

Or, buy magicJack
calling credits

  • Works with magicJack or magicApp
  • Buy calling credits – you don’t need a magicJack subscription
  • Call international from home, and on-the-go
  • No calling cards. No connection fees. No hidden charges.
  • And remember, Jack-to-Jack and App-to-App calls are always free, even internationally!
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from 2.8¢/min
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magicJack Pre-Paid Credits

Buy Pre-Paid calling credits to make international calls with your magicJack from home, or with magicApp when you are on-the-go (your balance appears on the home screen).

$10 / $20 / $40

Pre-paid credits are not transferable between devices.

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