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Call Us at 800-magicJack (800-624-4252)

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Whether you are making an international call for the first time or you're accustomed to the process, you can assume that calling out of country is less than convenient. That's why we are here to keep you connected without taking up too much of your precious time or money.

This interactive map features the most popular countries called from the United States including need-to-know details so that we can get you in touch with those people abroad, both fast and affordable. The international calling formula serves as a template for all your international calls; all you need to do is input the country code and your contact's number. Hover your mouse over each flag and a light box will appear with the country code, calling rates, the time difference from United States EST, the country''s capital, and the most popular free WiFi spots that country has to offer.

So whether you are domestic and calling abroad or travelling abroad and calling elsewhere, this map will prepare you to successfully place the most affordable international call.

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