Free Trial: 1-800-magicJack (1-800-624-4252)
Free Trial: 1-800-magicJack (1-800-624-4252)

magicJack vs BasicTalk
Discover the Real Deal.

Do the Math.

With magicJack, the longer you stay, the more you save!

magicJack Basic Talk
First Year $35
$119.88 ($9.99 x 12mos)
Second Year (with 1 year plan) $35

with Auto Renew

$119.88 ($9.99 x 12mos)
6 years TOTAL (with 5 year plan) $134.75
$719.28 ($9.99 x 72mos)

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BasicTalk is Very Basic

BasicTalk is just basic. Like, really basic.
With BasicTalk, you get home service. And that's it.

BasicTalk missing features:

  • NO mobile app to get calls on the go
  • NO business service
  • NO free conference call number

BasicTalk is always $9.99/mo plus taxes.
Always. It never ends. Every single month.

Don't Get Fooled by BasicTalk "Deals."

The Basics with BasicTalk

BasicTalk promotes a $70 savings over magicJack.
Their Math is Wrong. You don't save money.

BasicTalk is $9.99/month plus taxes. That's $119.88 per year!
magicJackGO is only $59.95 and includes a year of service!

with Auto Renew

And magicJack savings only get better from there. magicJack then costs only $35/year with auto renew vs BasicTalk at $120/year!
Save $85/yr with magicJack!

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magicJack compared to BasicTalk
  • magicJackGO home & business device
  • FREE year of Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calling to the U.S. and Canada
  • FREE Mobile App to take your calls anywhere
  • FREE Conference Call Number
  • FREE international calls to any magicJack number worldwide

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